The Easy Life — the Comfort of Cordless Irons*

cordless irond

I like my money where I can see it. In my closet. 


You know you’re getting old when you start to care about ironing. At uni I ironed nothing, I didn’t see the point, you stretch the creases out of clothes when you wear them I said, no one cares I said, clothes crease when you wear them anyway I said. I was wrong. Still, I’m not in the good habit of actually doing the ironing…I tend to do it bit by bit or l let the clothes pile up and up until I can’t look at them anymore and have to force myself to do it. But it’s such hard work! This my friends, is where I introduce to you, the Cordless iron.


They’re portable
One of the major benefits of a cordless iron is the fact that it’s portable. This is particularly handy if you’re on the move. Better still it allows you to iron in the room of the house that suits you. Instead of forcing you to get those creases out of your clothes in a more confined room of the house, simply because it has more plugs available, cordless irons will let you do the job somewhere more spacious, like in the living room (and with the TV on, of course!).


They don’t get tangled
When you have kids running around the house, the last thing you want is a spaghetti junction of cords and cables. Remember, kids are curious little souls and know no danger. They might come right up to the ironing board and ask what you’re doing, and this household appliance will be extremely hot. By minimising the potential to get caught up in them the more safely you can iron, and the less potential there is for accidents that might involve the young ones.
Not only this, a cordless iron allows you to iron more freely. You don’t have to worry about snagging the cord getting caught on the board or having to iron on the wrong side of the board. You won’t be ironing at awkward angles that can damage the wrists and forearms.


They’re a lighter load
The beauty of a cordless iron is the lighter load that the absence of the cable represents. Without the cable you can just glide over your clothes (not literally!) while you press them. There’s less stress on the wrists and the whole chore becomes so much easier. Not only that, this lack of a cord means you can buy an iron that has a larger water tank and won’t have to make so many trips to the sink to fill it up. Some of these are removable, so rather than carry the whole iron over to the sink for a refill, you just have to bring the tank, which is much lighter.


They’re safer

Don’t forget, if you use an iron with a cord, you’re at more risk of an electric shock, or even of the cord catching fire. With a cordless iron, you stand less chance of getting burned.

Ironing is a tough job but one that has to be done *sigh*. You may as well make it much easier and more comfortable. Then you’re already half way to getting those creases out! What do you think? 



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Thank you, I owe you everything. 

I can’t believe it’s been three whole years since I started blogging THREE WHOLE YEARS. When I started this little blog I was sat in my single bed at my mums house Birmingham, it was the summer before 2nd year at uni & I was chatting away to my new uni friend Charlie on my old broken PC. At some point during that Facebook conversation we realised we had yet another thing in common, that we both used to blog! At that moment we decided to help each other do it again and now here we are. Three years down the line, with a degree under my belt and as a direct result of that conversation & starting this blog, I’m sat in my own flat in Bristol, typing out this post on my shiny new mac as I ponder the things I need to do tomorrow at work. As a direct result of that conversation & starting this blog I’m working in an industry I couldn’t imagine not being a part of and for a company that I love. And as a direct result of that conversation & starting this blog I live in an amazing city, have found great friends and am pretty damn content.


I have a lot to thank this blog, and you, my readers, for. I feel like that conversation with Charles and starting this blog catapulted my life into a new direction and now I couldn’t imagine what I’d be doing otherwise. And it’s not just my career that I have to thank you for, it’s my confidence, my writing ability, my design skills, my love of photography, hell, my entire creative drive was re-awaked by blogging after years of being told to focus on my academic mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love being academic but it’s being creative that makes me happy and I’m not sure how I would’ve discovered that without this blog. So thanks for sticking around, you have no idea how much this tiny part of the internet means to me.

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Win £150 to spend at Wayfair!


Ok *ahem* enough of the soppy stuff…time to talk about what you’re all really here for, the giveaway ;)


The oh so lovely people at Wayfair, that AMAZING homeware store full of basically everything that I want in my life right now, have very kindly given me £150 to spend with them to giveaway to one of you as a little thanks for reading.


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If you got beauty, beauty, just raise ‘em up.

warehouse skirt 1 warehouse skirt 2 warehouse skirt 4

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

I was a bit of out of comfort zone in this outfit. I purposely choose things I might not normally go for whenever I’m lucky enough to be offered something for review because I think it’ll help shake me out of the go-to smock dress fashion default I seem to be a bit stuck in. So when  Warehouse got in touch to see if I wanted to try one of their skirts I chose this black, white & neon floral number. I love the skirt, I think the print is beautiful, the fabric is lovely and it’s neon done classy.


But when it came to taking these pictures I was nothing but uncomfortable, despite being in a fairly hidden & people-less location with my friend Caitlin who was even willing to lie down on the floor to get the perfect shot for me. And it got me thinking about why. I’m usually a confident person and stepping out of my comfort zone is something I’m trying to do more of, whether thats in terms of fashion or saying yes to more things that secretly have my insides screaming no.


But I think there’s just so much pressure in the blogging community to look perfect, take perfect pictures and be this unattainable personality. I feel much more pressure in blogging than I did three years ago when I first started. Then, the community was much smaller and there was much less competition. Now it feels like bloggers have to be like those fashion ads you see in magazines – which is crazy because the whole point of blogging is to be relatable.


I guess that pressure is getting to me and it’s making me less confident in the way I look. I’m not a typical tiny fashion blogger but I’m also not a big advocate of plus size for no other reason than I don’t think size should matter. So I kind of feel a bit stuck in the middle & not confident enough to rock the kinds of clothes I wish I could. I was so conscious that my bum was hanging out in this skirt and that it hugged my hips a bit too much, that I found it hard to let go and do my thing and I’m not happy about that, not one bit. Because when I looked at the pictures, I was happy with a lot of them, I think the outfit looked great but because it wasn’t something I’d usually go for and I feel so much pressure to look perfect on this blog I forgot to enjoy myself.


Blogging is something I really love, every bit of it. Taking photos, editing them, writing posts, being creative, being part of this amazing community full of amazing and creative people and I forgot that and clammed up.


So, here’s my resolution, to be ok with not being perfect. Because this isn’t a magazine and no one is expecting to see a Barbie doll. It’s ok to show a little booty every so often.



warehouse skirt 3

warehouse skirt 7

warehouse skirt 5

warehouse skirt 9

What I’m Wearing:

Topshop crop-top (old) | Warehouse Skirt | H&M Boots


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