Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara Dupe: Revlon 3D Volume Review

revlon 3d mascararevlon 3d mascara eyes

They’re the Real deal…

I love Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’, I think it’s a really fantastic mascara, it is worth the £20 price tag but because it’s benefit, the hybrid drug-store/high-end brand that has you paying for the packaging rather than the product nine times out of ten, I resent buying it. As such, I’d been on the look out for a cheaper high-street mascara that wouldn’t have me wincing at the price tag but didn’t leave me disappointed after application. I’ve been a loyal high-end mascara girl for as long as I can remember, entirely my mother’s fault after introducing me to make-up when I was a tween with Dior no less. – So this was going to be quite a challenge.


Anyway, after trying almost every new fancy high-street mascara out there and beginning to think that my dream mascara didn’t exist, I came across Revlon’s 3D Volume Mascara. Not a new offering by any means and part of the ‘PhotoReady’ series, this little mascara packs some serious punch. The packaging isn’t the most beautiful you’ll come across but at least it’s refined and not a garish bright pink or yellow like so many other drugstore offerings. But it’s the brush and the formula where the all important boxes are ticked!


revlon 3d mascara1 Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara

The brush is pretty identical to They’re Real with a ball at one end (granted the ball is smaller than Benefit’s offering) and firm plastic bristles along the barrel. Because of the brush, you can apply the same way you’d apply They’re real, coating the lashes first with the ball end to get the product on and as close to the lash line as possible and then using the barrel to separate the lashes.


As for the formula, I personally think it’s great, it’s fairly thin which means you can build it up and control any clumping – it does have a tendency to clump, but it’s a manageable amount. The formula is both lengthening and volumising and I just feel like my lashes look great after application! I rarely feel like i need a second application or another mascara to give me a bit more volume, which is something I’m constantly doing with other mascaras (mascara mixology anyone?)


And finally we have the price, at £10.99 from Boots, it’s a whole £9 cheaper than They’re Real…just think of what you could do with that.


My rating: 9/10 – minus one for the slight tendency to clump. 

Have you tried Revlon’s 3D Volume Mascara before? 



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15 top tips to help you get through your final year at uni.

survive 3rd year

The best of times & the worst of times…

For me 3rd year was both amazing and terrible all at the same time. While I was making the best friends I could ever wish for (who, a year later, are thankfully still a big part of my life), I was also struggling with a bully. Then aside from my personal life uni work was tough as hell, there was so much of it and just so much pressure. The dreaded 2:2 was dangled over our heads by uni people preaching stories of once promising students who RUINED THEIR LIVES by getting a 2:2. (All a little dramatic don’t we think? My boss didn’t even ask what I was predicted to get at uni before he employed me…)


Anyway, a year down the line, I’ve had plenty of time to think about the mush of events, essays and all-nighters that was 3rd year and I’ve come up with some tips to try and help others through it! Most of these I did do, eventually, & they did help me, a lot. Some of these (eat properly) I wish I had done, jagerbombs just aren’t the same when Redbull was your main source of nutrients for 6 weeks…


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


Top Tips:


1) Stick together - by now you’ve hopefully made some great friends on your course, so work together! – whether it’s writing essays or revising for exams, some of my best work was done when I was in the library with my friends. You can talk about the subject, bounce ideas off each other and share resources. Don’t be afraid to share your work.


2) Find your place & go there – about half way through 3rd year I realised I really couldn’t work at home, it had the tv, my housemates, my bed and no one to shame me into working if I didn’t want to. The library was my place and I practically lived there once I realised. Find the place you work best and go there.


3) Get some alone time – 3rd year is intense, you spend a lot of time with people who are also stressed. It’s important to get away from that before you punch the guy who’s always getting 75′s but still not happy. Go for a walk, watch some TV in your room, go to the silent section of the library, whatever, just get away from people every once in a while.


4) Go out & have fun – it’s important to take time off. A lot of the time I’d guilt myself out of fun but I’d end up not doing any more work that night anyway. Remember it’s ok to go out and if you don’t want to, it’s ok to just go and watch a movie with your friends. Whatever fun is for you, allow yourself to do it & disconnect from work. One night will not ruin anything.


381047_2888174844791_473958880_n14184_10151299503254524_920659263_n 263557_10151517966928332_258313638_n

5) Talk to your tutors – for about half the year I totally avoided my dissertation tutor. Why? Because I had no idea what I was doing! When I did go and see him I realised I had nothing to worry about and that he was only going to help me. Whether it’s about your dissertation, or that presentation you’re dreading, or some essay you didn’t do very well in, go and speak to your tutor, they will help you.


6) Rise above house dramas – the last thing anyone needs in 3rd year is house/friendship dramas, last year I decided to let myself rise above everything that I could. Nothing was going to bother or annoy me and no issue needed a dreaded ‘house meeting’. Sometimes it’s ok to bury your head in the sand. *Of course we can turn the hot water off in the morning, sure the heat in the evening tank will last a full 24 hours, yep, great idea*


7) Find a release – For me it was blogging, for one friend it was going to the gym, for another friend it was surfing. Find something that you can do and enjoy that totally takes your mind off of uni stresses.


8) Go home – I’ve never needed to go home more at uni than I did in 3rd year. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and remind yourself that there’s a world outside of campus & the fact that you STILL got a 58 in that essay you submitted 2 drafts for and even met with your tutor about, isn’t the be all and end all. Also, mummy & daddy hugs solve everything.


9) Be a 9 til 5er – Probably the most practical piece of advice I can give you is to treat uni like a job. Or at least like school. Remember going to school from 9am-3:30pm, how the hell did you do that?! Well it’s probably a good idea to start trying again. If you get up and force yourself into uni for the day I can guarantee you’ll get more done and feel better about yourself than if you sleep in until midday and don’t start work until 3pm. You’ll feel even better when it’s 4pm and you realise you’ve done enough for the day and can go home.


10) Plan your future – Remember the reason you went to uni in the first place? You loved your subject right? Or you loved the career prospects it was going to give you? Start looking at jobs, flats & post-uni opportunities. Finding beautiful flats that were totally out of our price range and dreaming of the days post-uni were some of the things that kept Charlie & I going!


11) Remember it will end – It does end, you will get your evenings and weekends back. Remember that? A weekend with NO responsibility, do adults expect you to take your job home with you at the weekend like homework? No, no they don’t and if they do, they pay you for it. It will be over soon enough and it certainly won’t last forever.


12) Eat well - easier said than done, I’ll give you that but Relentless and chocolate digestives DO NOT constitute a healthy, varied and nutritional diet. Bread, ham, lettuce and 5 minutes is all you need to make lunch. Throw in an apple and a bag of crisps and you might be able to make it to the end of the day without energy drink or pro-plus. This is the one piece of advice I WISH I’d followed. I definitely could have found 5 minutes in the morning to make a packed lunch.


13) Plan your deadlines – one term I was 3 weeks in, still getting used to my new modules and timetable and all of a sudden I had an essay due in the next week and then the week later a presentation and I’d just volunteered to do some stupid society thing. At the begining of each term, ask your tutors and write down all of your deadlines so you can plan around them and prepare for them. There was one week I had an Essay, a Source Commentary AND (because I stupidly hadn’t pre-checked my deadlines & so volunteered for this week) a presentation all due on the same day. I literally wanted to die.


14) Find your time – I know I’ve just said, be a 9 til 5er and ideally do, but there will always be a time of day when you’re most focused. For me it’s the morning, then around 1pm-2pm I start to trail off a bit and procrastinate. Instinctively we all know when we’re most productive, make sure you utilise this time, be it 9am or 3am.


15) Finally, enjoy it. It’s not going to last forever and that, at times might seem like the best thought in the world. But do remember that 50% of uni is your degree and the other 50% is the life changing exerience and there’s probably not going to be another time in your life when it’s ok to go to the supermarket in your PJs, play hide & seek (or run away from security) in the library, elaborately plan how to steal ‘reference only’ books, have beer, cola and water fights in your best friends kitchen (and not care about the wall stains), come home from a night out with whiskers (and profanities) drawn on your face in permanent marker, get so drunk that you don’t even make it past pre-drinks and coin the term ‘to get sheri-ed, to stay up until 5am watching crap tv, to spend most of your money on ebay and not on books (who needs books?!), to order dominos at 10am because you’re hungover and can’t sleep, to pee outside (ok that one is never ok, let’s not go there). Any way, my point is, 3rd year is crazy and rubbish and the best and scary, but you HAVE to make the most of it, it’s your final year and then you have to think about being a grown up so drink, party, have a laugh and try and forget that 5000 words due in next week.


10478_4663136337719_1364062264_n 155989_4877365813322_1386706081_n 185077_4663157178240_1226450849_n 229537_4663137777755_995968179_n 388611_10151248079343100_719111238_n 405141_4840705896847_660422005_n 598652_4773910306999_1952609057_n 1011221_10151780562584923_1951095744_n
Hopefully that might help some of you, let me know if you have any tips of your own!



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Rodial Glamstick Review ‘Bang’


Brand focus: Rodial

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Rodial, the brand famous for it’s ‘celebrity cult following’, got in touch to see if I’d like to review a couple of things from their  make-up range. I have to admit, I’d never really looked in to Rodial as a brand before but after a quick google followed by some more, serious, in-depth research (which mostly consisted of me watching youtube videos when I should’ve been working), I decided that this was a brand I definitely wanted to trial!


They sent me two beautiful products so this is the first of two item reviews you’re going to get from me about Rodial (I know, lucky you eh?!). Introducing their gorgeous glamstick lip tints!



If love was a tube of lipstick…


Similar in texture to every beauty bloggers favourite, the Revlon lipbutters, the Rodial glamsticks are enriched with SPF15, Vitamin E, and Cocoa Butter, and available in 9 irresistible shades. I was sent the shade ‘bang‘ after the original shade ‘wet‘ (sensing a risqué name theme here à la NARS?) I asked for was out of stock. ‘Bang’ is a gorgeous real pale barbie pink colour with blue undertones and surprisingly, I love it! I’ve been trying to find a light pink lip colour that suits me for what feels like forever – I’m usually an orange toned lip kind of girl with every pink tone I try looking a bit wrong against my skin – but this, for some reason just works, and I love it!


Aside from loving the colour, the lip tint itself feels so soft an nourishing when applied, I feel like I’m applying a lip balm rather than a lip tint which makes for very happy lips and a very happy Sheri. The colour lasts surprisingly long, longer than it’s Revlon counterpart and I think this is down to the ‘tint’ – I didn’t expect it to, because of the lip balm formula, but these glamsticks stain your lips a bit too which is great if, like me, you hate reapplying lippy all day! When they do fade, they do it evenly too which is heavenly because the only thing worse than the 3pm slide is the 3pm lip ring!


And finally, the packaging, oh the packaging, there’s something so satisfying about all the acrylic and metal, it feels so futuristic and, I dunno, substantial, you know? It feels like it’s not going to break in a hurry and it just looks fantastic on my dressing table.



So, there you have it folks, love at first pout! Have you tried any Rodial products? Now I’ve tried a couple, I’m dying to try some more! Do you have any recommendations?



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