Rodial Glamstick Review ‘Bang’


Brand focus: Rodial

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Rodial, the brand famous for it’s ‘celebrity cult following’, got in touch to see if I’d like to review a couple of things from their  make-up range. I have to admit, I’d never really looked in to Rodial as a brand before but after a quick google followed by some more, serious, in-depth research (which mostly consisted of me watching youtube videos when I should’ve been working), I decided that this was a brand I definitely wanted to trial!


They sent me two beautiful products so this is the first of two item reviews you’re going to get from me about Rodial (I know, lucky you eh?!). Introducing their gorgeous glamstick lip tints!



If love was a tube of lipstick…


Similar in texture to every beauty bloggers favourite, the Revlon lipbutters, the Rodial glamsticks are enriched with SPF15, Vitamin E, and Cocoa Butter, and available in 9 irresistible shades. I was sent the shade ‘bang‘ after the original shade ‘wet‘ (sensing a risqué name theme here à la NARS?) I asked for was out of stock. ‘Bang’ is a gorgeous real pale barbie pink colour with blue undertones and surprisingly, I love it! I’ve been trying to find a light pink lip colour that suits me for what feels like forever – I’m usually an orange toned lip kind of girl with every pink tone I try looking a bit wrong against my skin – but this, for some reason just works, and I love it!


Aside from loving the colour, the lip tint itself feels so soft an nourishing when applied, I feel like I’m applying a lip balm rather than a lip tint which makes for very happy lips and a very happy Sheri. The colour lasts surprisingly long, longer than it’s Revlon counterpart and I think this is down to the ‘tint’ – I didn’t expect it to, because of the lip balm formula, but these glamsticks stain your lips a bit too which is great if, like me, you hate reapplying lippy all day! When they do fade, they do it evenly too which is heavenly because the only thing worse than the 3pm slide is the 3pm lip ring!


And finally, the packaging, oh the packaging, there’s something so satisfying about all the acrylic and metal, it feels so futuristic and, I dunno, substantial, you know? It feels like it’s not going to break in a hurry and it just looks fantastic on my dressing table.



So, there you have it folks, love at first pout! Have you tried any Rodial products? Now I’ve tried a couple, I’m dying to try some more! Do you have any recommendations?



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Oil Pulling: Everything you always wanted to know.


Oil Pulling: What is it, what are the benefits & how do I do it?

The things I do for this blog. If three years ago you’d told me I’d be swilling a tablespoon of pure coconut oil around my mouth every morning, just so I can report back for you lot, I’d have told you to take a hike. Oil pulling is gross, the concept is gross, the process is gross and what you spit out afterwards is definitely gross.


I’ve been trialling oil pulling for around two weeks and I think I know enough about it to form an opinion. I’ll start off with the basics & then go into the review of my experience.



So what exactly is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is the process of swilling a pure, unrefined form of plant oil (coconut, sesame, sunflower, olive & palm) around your mouth, pulling it through your teeth as you go.


Where the hell did oil pulling come from?

It’s actually an ancient Ayurveda Indian treatment that remained relatively unknown to the western world until the 1990s. Ayurveda is a traditional, holistic system of medicine, native to the Indian subcontinent that evolved in India 3000-5000 years ago.


What are the benefits of oil pulling?

In the past oil pulling was used as a treatment and ‘cure’ for 30 systemic diseases ranging from acne and tooth ache to migraine, diabetes and asthma. It’s been used extensively as a traditional Indian folk remedy for many years to prevent decay, oral malodour, bleeding gums, dryness of throat, cracked lips and for strengthening teeth, gums and the jaw. Whether oil pulling does help things like migraine & diabetes is debatable but it’s oral health benefits are fairly accepted.


How do you do it?

Almost every blog I’ve read on the subject tells you to do something slightly different, but the process tends to remain the same. Take a tablespoon of unrefined plant oil (I chose coconut because I already had some) and when I say tablespoon I mean a level one, trust me, don’t go trying to shove a heaped tablespoon of oil into your mouth #gagcentral. Swish, swill & pull it around your mouth, try & force it between your teeth – most unrefined oils are solid at room temperature but melt quickly in your mouth and turn to liquid so it’s quite straightforward to do. Carry on swishing for a good 15-20 minutes until the oil turns from a clear liquid to a milky (gross) coloured one. Spit it out, rinse your mouth out with either salt water or mouth wash and then brush your teeth.


Most people tell you to do it in the morning on an empty stomach but I’ve also read blogs that tell you to do it in the evening or any time of the day that you fancy.


my experience

My experience

So, as I said in the beginning, oil pulling is gross. The first time I tried to put the spoon of oil into my mouth I nearly gagged, it was disgusting. But once I grew some balls it wasn’t really that bad. Luckily coconut oil doesn’t have any flavour so it was just the texture I had to get over and once the oil melts it’s just like having any other liquid in your mouth. Swishing the oil around your mouth is surprisingly hard to do, in that 20 minutes is a bloody long time and my jaw did begin to ache a bit. I also found it pretty difficult to do anything else while pulling, I mean you can just kinda go about your normal routine but I definitely couldn’t put makeup on during which meant my morning routine got a bit longer. Also because I was doing it before I ate anything or before I brushed my teeth by the end of the 20 minutes I could taste morning breath (TMI? I’m nothing if not honest!) which was just disgusting.


However when I spat it all out (down the toilet, apparently it’s not good for your pipes) my teeth felt really pretty clean. I rinsed with salt water and noticed that I could pull the water threw all of my teeth with ease, even in-between the molars, like that’s proper flossing going on! Then I brushed my teeth as normal and my teeth just felt the cleanest they’ve ever felt! After a few days I also noticed my teeth looking whiter, any gum bleeding I sometimes get had stopped and in general my mouth just felt super clean. I can’t comment on the long term benefits yet but so far so good. I think it does make me feel more energised in the morning too.


What Twitter thinks

So, in the interest of good journalism, I decided to have a quick search on Twitter to find out what other people were saying. As you can see below the reaction is pretty mixed, but overall positive.


The verdict?

As I said, I can’t comment on the long term benefits but overall I’m really impressed with the positive changes oil pulling seems to have had on my oral health! It’s gross but I am getting used to it, I think. And for how clean it makes my mouth feel and if even just one or two of the longer term benefits are true, I think it’s worth carrying on. I suffer from migraines and asthma and a couple of the other ailments pulling is supposed to treat so I kinda think it’s worth sticking with. It is a bit annoying to do sometimes and I don’t think I’ll be able to do it every day because it does make my morning routine a bit longer. Maybe I’ll aim for 4 days a week and that’ll do.


What do you think? Have you tried oil pulling? Will you try it?



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Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

close up down

close up funny face

Waisting time…

I still find living by the water a novelty. Being born and raised in Birmingham meant the closest I ever got to water while at home was a dirty canal or paddling pool. When I moved to Cornwall for uni in 2010 a lot of people couldn’t understand why I was always so excited to go to the beach (we only lived 10 minutes away) but it was because when you live in the central most city beaches mean holiday! So very rarely had I been to a British beach.


Now I live in Bristol the nearest beach is around a 45 minute drive away but I live right by the harbour and when it’s sunny, as it has been so much lately, my favourite thing to do is take a stroll along the quay (stopping for a cider or two on the way of course). With work so hectic at the moment it’s what I need to remind myself that the world’s bigger than our little office.  And it’s exactly what my housemate Chessy & I did on Sunday evening – during which she very kindly agreed to snap some photos of my outfit for me (and you).


I picked up this dress (which I’ve worn under the crochet crop top) in H&M, it’s the perfect monochrome floral & shouts 90s at me plus it fits like a glove. I don’t actually want to take it off but I’ve already worn it two days in a row & people are going to notice soon…Anyway, my new favourite dress for £14.99 – I might go and buy another.


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Camera Shy

I’ve been finding it more and more challenging to get out with my tripod. I think it’s a confidence thing more than anything. I find it so difficult to relax in front of the camera when I’m waiting for the timer to count down. I also get a lot more comments when it’s just my tripod & I. When someone else is taking the pictures people just walk past without a second glance but when I’m just some girl posing in front of her tripod it’s like they feel obliged to stop and ask me exactly what I’m doing. Or they just awkwardly stare at me as they walk past and I I awkwardly stop what I’m doing and pretend to fiddle with my camera settings until they’ve safely buggered off.


So, if any Bristolians are reading this & want to save me from another awkward ‘what exactly are you doing?’ moment, I can offer cakes, hugs and of course, my own photography skills, in return for you being my blog photographer for a day.


chicken arm

crossed feet

full length pop leg

close up eyes


Top: Topshop (old) | Dress: H&M (in-store only) | Shoes: Topshop (old) | Earrings: Primark (current season –  £1.50)



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