Brand Focus: Yves Rocher Makeup & Perfume Review


Flower Party By Night

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of trying out some Yves Rocher products. I’ve seen the luxury french brand floating around in the blogosphere for a little while now so I was really intrigued to see what all the fuss is about. I was sent three products to test and I have to say I’m pretty happy with all three.


The first, a perfume called ‘Flower Party By Night‘ is a sweet floral scent with hints of liquorice & spice that make for a pretty seductive fragrance. While not something I’d wear day to day (I’m more of a fresh, citrus scent kind of gal) it’s certainly something I’d wear on a night out when I need my perfume to last and mask a multitude of sins (read alcohol & dancefloors). The packaging is also super sweet and the pretty ombre bottle looks beautiful on my dressing table.



Lash Plumping Mascara

The second product I tried out was Yves Rocher’s lash plumping mascara. While the pop pink packaging leaves a little to be desired for from a higher-end mascara (retails at £18.50) the brush and formula make for a really great mascara. I’m usually not a fan of bushy mascara brushes, opting for stiffer bristles akin to Benefit’s They’re Real but Yves Rocher’s offering is great. The brush & formula left my lashes lengthened, perfectly separated, volumized and all without leaving clumps! As to how waterproof the mascara actually is, I can vouch for that too, I had a problem with dust allergies over christmas leaving me with hayfever-like symptoms and very watery eyes, this little guy was my go to over the festive season and it withstood anything my allergies could throw at it!


** Top Tip** be a little careful with application, the formula can be a little too wet so best to let it dry on the brush a little before you apply to reduce the amount of fall out onto the lid.


Yves-Rocher-Orange-Muscade-LipstickMoisturising Cream Lipstick

Last and certainly not least we have what I think is my favourite product, the Yves Rocher Moisturising Cream Lipstick in ‘Orange Muscade’. The formula is a bit similar to Revlon’s lipbutters in how moisturising and balm like it is but the colour is much more pigmented and I’d even go so far as to say that there a some staining (which I love because I’m the WORST at lipstick upkeep). It’s such a unique formula and one that I’m really glad is in my collection. The colour itself is a beautiful deep orange which I can’t wait to wear more of in Spring & Summer.


Have you tried any Yves Rocher products before? 



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Pinterest: Interior Pins I love

Pinterest Interiors Flowers and Freckles

Find all of these pins on my Home Décor board here


I’ve been Pinterest mad lately so I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been adding to my Home Decor board. I might make pin sharing an on going feature, there’s so many I want to share with you!


I’m a big fan of using white on walls and adding colour through furnishing and I think you can definitely see that theme on a lot of my interiors pins. Also, lately, I appear to have developed a bit of a thing for metals, I think golds and coppers look gorgeous mixed with white and softer textures.


And then there’s plants, green plants – I want to fll my house with Cacti and Succulents because not only are they so easy to look after but they look super cute dotted around and bring some natural colour to the place. I love bringing natural out-doorsy looks indoors, plus living in a city centre flat means I’ve really missed having my own green outdoor space to wonder around in so plants help to ease that a bit.


As I’ve got older I’ve come to recognise my love of organised clutter – I’m not a minimalist, I like stuff and lots of it but not stuff that’s thrown all over the place; there needs to be some kind of order! Some kind of Organised Chaos. Again, I think a lot of my interiors pins show that, carefully curated spaces that are full of very well organised stuff.


And finally, the over all look and feel I think is very kind of retro-modern, Scandinavian? I love 50s/60s furniture but again all kept quite clean and organised.


Are you on Pinterest? Comment below with your link, I’d love to follow some more accounts! You can find me on Pinterest here



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bareMinerals BARESKIN Serum Foundation Review*


A game changer for bareMinerals

bearMinerals is known and loved for it’s powdered mineral makeup that promises to enhance your skin from the outside in. With mineral foundations, blushes, concealers, highlighters eyeshadows and more, the brand is a firm fave in the beauty blogging community. 2014 was a game changing year however as bareMinerals launched their first ever liquid foundation, bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation (rejoice liquid lovers!). With a non-chemical SPF 20, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula, bareMinerals promises their latest base addition will reveal a bright, more even looking skin tone with a no makeup look and feel.


To compliment the new liquid foundation bareMinerals also developed a new one of kind ‘perfecting face’ foundation brush. The foundation tool features an innovative well in the centre to hold the foundation and prevent users from over applying.


Being a big fan of bareMinerals but prefering liquid foundations day-to-day I couldn’t wait to get home and try this out! With just 18 ingredients (you read that right) and a coconut derived based as well as jojoba coated mineral pigments, Lilac Plant Stem Cells and Vitamin C – it just sounds so good for your skin!


BareMinerals-BareSkin-Foundation-BrushThe Review:

Ok so first off I’m going to tell you that I love this foundation! It’s not perfect and depending on your skin type it might not be 100% suitable but for the last few months I’ve been reaching for it daily.


The foundation itself is a lot runnier than most liquid foundations and had a smooth, silky texture, akin to the Topshop foundation if you’ve ever swatched that instore but less oily. You have to shake well the bottle before you begin (you’ll hear the little ball bearing moving around) and then squeeze the firm bottle to release drops onto the brush. If you don’t have the brush (although it’s amazing & definitely recommended) you can use any other flat top dense buffing brush. I usually start with just one drop, this baby spreads so well so definitely start with less and build up if you need do, and do the one side of my face starting at my inner cheek & moving outwards. Then I’ll add the second drop and do the other side of my face and sometimes I’ll use another small drop to top up my forehead or any other areas that need a little more coverage.


The foundation usually blends really well using the expert face brush however I do find that I need to use a beauty blender around the nose to get rid of any streaks. I wouldn’t recommend using the beauty blender with the foundation as the sole tool for application, the sponge would soak too much of the runny formula up.


Coverage is beautiful and because of the thinness of the foundation you really can taylor it to be light or more full. I prefer a more medium coverage and I find my 2-3 drops achieves this really well. The skin tone is evened, red areas and blemishes are covered without being a masked and blending out freckles. The finish is dewy or satin depending on the powder you use. I personally wouldn’t/couldn’t wear the foundation without powder because I tend to get an oily t-zone. But once applied you’re left with a natural looking radiant glow.


Longevity wise, I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews but for me, despite my oily afternoon t-zone I find the foundation to stick pretty well. Ideally I would powder a second time in the afternoon (I usually don’t bother at work though) but regardless come the end of the day I still have a pretty even complexion. When it does fade bareSkin tends to fade evenly which is great.


I don’t really have anything I don’t like to write about, as I said, it’s not perfect, it could last a little longer, I’d prefer a more satin finish straight out the bottle but for me and daily use it works just perfectly.


NB: I have combination skin, I get an oil t-zone and can get a few dry patches here and there. I prefer a light-medium coverage for day-to-day make up with a satin or dewy finish. I have the lightest shade ‘Porcelain’ which is neutral with cool undertones (and praise jesus not too pink, I have such an issue finding pale foundations that aren’t super pink!)


Have you tried bareMinerals bareSkin liquid foundation? Are you tempted? 




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