Treating my feet with ClearZal*


Moving house is, as everyone tells me, one of the most stressful things you can do, right up there with planning a wedding and having a baby – basically, proper grown up stuff that I’m sure I’m not old enough to be handling.


Now we’re in and very-nearly-almost settled and unpacked I’ve decided to try and look after myself a little more. During the move my healthy diet, beauty regime and sleep quality all took a bashing while wallpaper stripping and packing took priority (as well as working full time, yeah I can buy a house with no holiday time left I said, it’ll be fine I said…).


First on my list is to get my feet feeling a little more loved. I don’t know about you but when my feet are looking a little worse for wear, I feel a little worse for wear. Y’know that feeling of a fresh pedi when you have a little spring in your step? That’s what I need right now!


Cue Clearzal(!) who were kind enough to send me some of their best selling products to review. Clearzal is one of the U.K.’s leading Footcare brands, with a focus on quality and effectiveness. Specifically developed for the care of your feet, legs and nails, the Clearzal range contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is used by Podiatrists and Foot Health Professionals all over the world!



Tea Tree Foot Soak

‘Refreshes and softend the skin. A theraputic foot soak using a blend of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus’

This is the kind of thing you want to use after a long week on a Friday evening. It claims to clean and revitalise tired, aching feet and eliminate germs. All while not dehydrating the skin. I really like this and was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed it made me, the blend of tea tree, peppermint & eucalyptus made me feel like I was at a spa somewhere, not surrounded by unpacked boxes. Because I wear tights a lot I find it difficult to keep my feet fresh, I’ve used this once a week for the last few weeks and I’ve really noticed a difference.



Foot Food

‘For silky smooth, hydrated, conditioned feet and legs. Enriched with Aloe, Rosemary, Lavender & Thyme.’

Probably my favourite product, Clearzal’s Foot Food is rich in Urea and Aloe Vera that together prevent moisture loss by retaining the skin’s natural hydration. I get very dry and rough skin on my feet and this stuff works wonders! Again I love the smell too, the rosemary and lavender are very relaxing, perfect just before bedtime. Use a couple of times a week, apply before bed to give it chance to work!



Exfoliating Scrub

‘All natural pumice with an aloe vera base. Conditions feet and legs with essential oils and vitamins.’

I’ve been using this in the shower, once or twice a week and it’s been really helping to keep my rough skin at bay! Not only does it make my feet feel squeaky clean, it also makes them feel super soft after use. Most scrubs make my skin feel tingly and dry after use but this one manages to do it all. No doubt because of it’s aloe vera, soy oil, jojoba oil and vitamins A, D & E!



Antimicrobial Foot Cleanser

‘Ideal for use at home, fitness centres, spas and community shower areas. Refreshes, cleans and deodorises. Soothes itching and skin irritation.’

I think this is the product I have been most impressed with – in terms of the difference it’s made! As I mentioned keeping my feet fresh can be challenging, wearing tights a lot for work and walking during the commute. I’ve been using this again, a couple times a week and oh my, what a difference! I’m no longer afraid to slip my shoes off under the desk (TMI? sorry not sorry!) This stuff contains a whole host of goodness to fight fungus and bacteria (99.9% of it in fact)


Overall I’ve been super super impressed by Clearzal products, they just work. Have you every tried any of their products? You can get them from their site here



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Pinspiration | Outdoor Spaces


Follow Sheri Matthews’s board HOME | Outdoors on Pinterest.


So it’s happened! I bought a house! We’re all moved in and slowly working our way through the mountain of boxes. This weekend everything’s started to look a little more like home. The kitchen is all unpacked and organised, my bed room is 99% done and the new sofa is arriving on Tuesday! I promise I’ll tell you all about the move and the buying process another time (I’m thinking of doing a ‘how to buy a house’ series) but right now I want to talk gardens.


One of the most important things we were looking for when viewing houses was the garden, or if it had one. Having lived in a flat for the last two years I can’t even tell you how much I missed having a garden. An outdoor space you could just go in in your pyjamas with a cup or tea or something y’know? The house we ended up buying has the sweetest little garden, all mature shrubs and roses, a pond and a shed. I’ve never really been one to take an interest in gardening but it’s funny how as soon as you own one, what shade to paint the shed and when to prune the roses becomes is suddenly of utmost importance.



Me and Carys have been dreaming up all the things we’d like to do. A dusky blue shed, a chiminea, and a patio set are at the top of our list. Closely followed by a herb garden, outdoor lanterns and a pergola. I’ve been super impressed with the range of outdoor and garden stuff from ASDA. Mum bought her patio set from there years ago and it’s still going strong even though she never puts it away (I’ve seen it covered in 3 feet of snow!). We recently got this beautiful miami patio set a long with this Chiminea – I can’t wait for chilly October evenings sat outside with the fire going.


Anyway, I thought I’d share my Outdoor Pinterest board with you so you can take a peak inside my mind. I’ll be sure to update you on how we get on designing the garden!



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#MumsKnowBest with Littlewoods*


When the lovely people from Littlewoods got in touch to see if I had any #MumsKnowBest stories to share, I knew I had the most epic tale of how one nudge in the right direction from my mum shaped my life into what it is today.


- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

When I was just the baby age of 14 (or was it 13 Mum?)

I, along with every other 14 year old in the country, was tasked with choosing the subjects I’d study at GCSE – the start of the rest of my life. I was well aware that the choices I made at this point in time could shape everything. Up until this point, everything was possible and now I was being asked to narrow down the possibilities and close a few future doors. (So long Dr Matthews, sayonara geography skills)


At my school, as well as the mandatory double maths, double english, double science, statistics AND citizenship GSCEs, we were allowed to pick four other subjects to study. I pretty quickly whittled down my first three to Drama (it was a performing arts school after all), Child Development (the best contraception there is) and Religious Studies but my fourth choice was causing me some gip.  For some reason, I just couldn’t decide between French and History. I loved History and I hated French but because schools tell kids that you’ll do life so better if you can speak a second language, I was sure I needed to take it, even though I hated (and sucked at) it.


Throughout my life the most important mother-daughter conversations have all taken place in mums bed and usually late at night because whatever it is has been keeping me up. This time was no different. It was in this late night bedtime conversation that mum convinced me to follow my passion and study History. It was the best decision I’ve ever made because it was the decision that led me to here.



Let me explain…

If it wasn’t for that conversation, I may not have studied history, meaning I wouldn’t have gone on to study it further at A Level or even further at uni. If I hadn’t have chosen to study history at GCSE, I probably wouldn’t have ended up at Exeter Uni’s Cornwall campus where I met Charlie. If I hadn’t met Charlie, I probably wouldn’t have rekindled this blog (it was during a late night Facebook conversation in the summer before second year where we discovered our shared passion for blogging and made a pact to give it another go, together). If I hadn’t re-started this blog, I wouldn’t have gone to a blogger event in Bristol putting this city on the map for my post uni plans. If I hadn’t rekindled this blog, I wouldn’t have even known that you could work in Social Media or Influencer PR meaning I probably wouldn’t have applied for my job. If I hadn’t applied for my job, I wouldn’t have got it (duh) or moved to Bristol. If I hadn’t moved to Bristol, I wouldn’t have met my flatmate and BFF Carys, who, I’ve just bought a house with.


34871_1526339439757_7235050_nSo thanks Mum.

Because of you, I spent three amazing and life changing years in Cornwall, living my life on the beach with some of the best people I (still) know. Because of you, I got a dream job that I love in a wonderful city that I can call my own. And because of you I’m fortunate enough to be on the property ladder at 22.


I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, or realised that it was that conversation where you gently nudged me towards following my passion that shaped everything, but it was. You knew best then and (most of the time) you still do now.


Do you have a #MumsKnowBest story to share? 

Don’t forget to check out the video below too :) 




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