Stila ‘Into The Light’ Palette Review

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First Impressions:

I’m pretty sure I’m unfashionably late to the party on this one but when I spied this #bbloggers favourite in the in-flight duty free mag during our trip to Rhodes I knew I was going to be leaving the plane with it! I also knew I wouldn’t be able to wait until I’d got home & taken pictures of it before using it. (as you can see)


My first impression was that the shadow shades were beautiful, I’d even go so far as to say that, for most, it contains all the shades you’d ever need. I’ve actually even recommended it to a couple of my shadow-aphob friends telling them it’s the one palette they should have in the collection ‘just in case’ because it’ll almost certainly have the colour they’re after if they change their mind. The fact that it spans from light base & highlight colours to mauves, golds, browns & blue toned greys as well as a black is pretty damn impressive for such a compact palette and means that it’s the perfect palette to travel with. There’s a lovely mix of matte and shimmery shadows in each shade


The mirror is an obvious added benefit and I believe that that it’s a fairly rare edition to the palette, most reviews I’ve seen don’t have the mirror so maybe it’s exclusive to airlines?! Either way this actually became my make up application mirror in Rhodes, so super handy! I also didn’t realise the palette came with a full size liner! I only really use liquid liner so I probably won’t get much use out of this but it’s nice to have a good quality pencil in my collection – plus it’s creamy textured, which, if I am going to use pencil liner, is my preferred type.



The review:

Onto the actual shadows! I was pleasantly surprised to see how much shadow you actually get, while you know I’m a big UD Naked fan, I sometimes wish there were fewer shades but more of the shadows in their palettes. In terms of pigmentation, depending on the colour pay off you want you can use the shadows wet or dry. The colour pay off dry is more subtle which I actually like. I’ve seen a few people complain that you only really get high pigmentation when you use these shadows wet but I like having the option to use the colours in a more subtle way OR for a dramatic effect. The texture of the shadows is nice and creamy, for a powder, which surprised me considering the amount of talc in the ingredients! They blend really well with really minimal fall out –  I don’t think I’ve ever actually experienced fall out with this palette and I’ve been using it almost daily.


Longevity wise, on my eyes, Into The Light lasts really well. I’ve notice very little, if any, creasing and fading throughout the day which I usually do with other brands (apart from UD of course!).


So over all I’m super impressed with this little palette and I’ve been reaching for it almost every day since October. I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a big Naked fan like me! You can get it at all the usual places but I appears to be sold out at a lot of them but it’s still in stock here at Beauty Bay.


Have you tried any Stila products before? Do you have Into The Light? 



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Brand Focus: LastaShop



Another store I’ve been keeping an eye on lately is LASTAShop. The Icelandic fashion & homeware online shop is kinda like a mini version of net-a-porter or ASOS, it stocks mainly high-end fashion brands but of course they have that Icelandic, Scandinavian feel to them which I really like. What I like most about this store is it’s jewellery section, their jewellery buyer must be some kind of genius because every piece is just beautiful and so different to anything else I’ve seen.


I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite picks from LASTAShop – what do you think? Have you heard of them before?



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Brand Focus: House of Rokoko


Every so often I stumble upon a brand that really catches my eye. I found House of Rokoko a few weeks ago and have been lusting after half of it’s back catalogue ever since! Above I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite things from their site. I really like the edginess of their products, the focus on skulls done tastefully reminds me of Alexandar McQueen at it’s best. Also, can we just take a few seconds to appreciate the beauty of those nail polish bottles? If I had them I’d never want to put them away, they’d be forever on display!


What do you think of House of Rokoko? Have you found any new brands you’re lusting over lately?



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